About Institute of Psychiatry - A Centre of Excellence

Current Achievements of Institute of Psychiatry, A Center of Excellence

  • Establishment of 3 new colleges under INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY (IOP) in the last 2 years, namely
    1. College of Clinical Psychology providing Post-Doctoral Degree in M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (8 seats/year)
    2. College of Psychiatric Social Work (PSW) providing Post-Doctoral Degree in M.Phill in PSW (16 seats/year)
    3. College of Psychiatric Nursing providing Basic Diploma Degree in Psychiatric Nursing (20 seats/year) and MSc. in Psychiatric Nursing (10 Seats / year)
  • Establishment of 24 Hrs. Psychiatric Emergency at IOP : 2nd in India next to NIMHANS, Bangalore.
  • Establishment of Advanced Sleep Laboratory at IOP : 1st in India.
  • Establishment of rTMS machine for advanced management of Psychiatric patients.
  • Establishment of Psychiatric Pathology and Bio-Chemistry Department, at IOP.
  • Establishment of Psychiatric Epidemiology Department, at IOP.
  • Establishment of Legal aid Services , at IOP.
  • Establishment of New Modernized 10-storied fully air-conditioned Academic Building at IOP (Site I).
  • Establishment of New Modernized 8-storied Indoor Building at IOP (Site II).
  • Hostel and guest houses for Institute of Psychiatry students.
  • Establishment of 24×7 upgraded modern e-library at IOP.
  • Increment in indoor patient bed strength from 36 to 140 at IOP.
  • Increment in M.D. Psychiatry seats from 4 to 10 seats in total at IOP.
  • Creation of 67 new posts including 4 Professors in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, PSW at IOP.
  • Proposed Yoga centre in collaboration with NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Organised Academic and awareness events:

  • Bicentenary celebration in IOP-COE 7-10th Dec 2017
  • First 4 days long Mental health fair with International academic conference 9-12th Jan 2020
  • Participation in Book fair with awareness materials and stalls every year.
  • Nursing training program for nurses of different mental hospitals
  • CRE programs in psychology.
  • In 2018, IACPCON (Indian association of Cerebral palsy) behavioural neurology Preconference workshop was arranged in IOP-COE.

Observation of Important days in the Institute:

  • 15th August Independence Day
  • 23rd January for Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Basu
  • 26th January Republic Day
  • Plantation ceremony
  • World Mental Health Day 10th October
  • World Suicide prevention Day 10th September
  • World Health Day 7th April
  • International Women’s Day on 8th March

COVID Response:

COVID protocol is being followed in the institute, Not only a post covid psychiatric disorder OPD but also a COVID vaccination centre has been open in Site II of IOP to serve the society in general in this difficult time of humanity.

The Infrastructure

IOP is one of the six mental hospitals under the Departmentof Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, and has an area of about 10,316 square meters. There is a constant and massive inflow of different types of patients from all over the state (and outside), hailing from varied socio-cultural backgrounds, who seek treatment from this premier institution. Currently different facilities are available in an out-patient basis, like General Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic, Alcohol and Drug De-addiction Clinic, Sexual Counselling Clinic, Forensic Psychiatry Clinic, OCD Clinic, Mood Disorder Clinic, Life Skill Education Clinic for adolescents along with Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric Social Work and Psychiatric Nursing Services. All these opportunities make this place an ideal arena for the development of a holistic and comprehensive mental health programme. IOP works in liaison with other medical departments of IPGME&R, thus postings in different relevant medical departments are opportunies to learn. Admission facilities also provide the opportunity to learn inpatient based management of mental illnesses. Besides, construction of two new buildings is underway under the NMHP project, which will house wards, hostels and separate areas for laboratories, rehabilitation facilities and special clinics.