~: Department of Psychiatry Bio-Chemistry & Psychiatry Pathology :~

The department of Pathology-IOP, Centre of Excellence, Kolkata was envisioned under guidance of Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Saha in 2013.

To facilitate this, Dr. M. Banerjee and Ms. Rita Guha were employed in November 2013. The proposed building was under construction – so a temporary space was demarketed for the Lab on the 1st floor of the Office building of the Institute. The layout of the Lab was prepared by Dr. M. Banerjee and submitted to Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Saha for approval. Subsequently, four rooms were identified and their repair work started. The main room – Haematology/Bio-chemistry with its Electrical plumbing and infrastructure work is now completed. The work for the other three rooms earmarked for Clinical Pathology and Molecular Biology and phlebotomy are also completed.

Simultaneously, various instruments for the Department of Haematology/Coagulation, Routine Bio-Chemistry, Immuno Bio-Chemistry, Clinical Pathology and PCR have been procured and installed and successfully running In accordance with West Bengal Government regulations.

A pathologist – Dr. S.K. Das was employed for overall lab supervision. An extensive test Menu for each Department has been made in consultation with Doctors in accordance with Departmental requirements.

The test menu has been expanded and the lab now supports ICU, Chest, CABLE, MACK, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and RNTCP units for the whole of the IPGME&R.

In the meantime, Dr. M. Banerjee and Rita Guha attended NABL Audit Courses to be a certified Internal Auditor is line with guidelines laid down in ISO 15189, 2012.

Dr. M.Banerjee subsequently attended numerous CMEs on quality assurance of lab reporting and PCR.

The departmental staffs were increased from 2 to 4. Pathological lab assistant Mrs Chitra Mondal has resigned and Mr Kanad Banerjee has joined in the same post.

The following theoretical courses have been taken by Dr. M. Banerjee and Dr. S.K.Das regularly to impart full and functional understanding in matters of Lab management, Quality policy, SOP, Bio-Statistics, Lab Safety precaution, Bio-medical Waste disposal, Phlebotomy, Critical Call policy, Staining procedures, Manual tests, Lab Softwares and so on.

We at the Lab have worked tirelessly to put together every possible aspect of knowledge pertaining to good Lab practices and sincerely pledge to work towards making the Path lab the best of it’s kind in the Government sector with international standards.