~: Department of Psychiatric Social Work (PSW) :~

The Department of Psychiatric Social Work was formed in 2011 along with other two departments – The Department of Clinical Psychology and The Department of Psychiatric Nursing with the objective of starting psychosocial service to persons in need and higher teaching programs in Psychiatric Social Work (PSW). Psychiatric Social Work is an integral part in multidisciplinary team in treatment and rehabilitation of persons with mental illness or persons with psychosocial problems. However, professionally qualified psychiatric social workers are very limited in our country. The Government of India has acknowledges the growing need for psychiatric social work and therefore has included in the project for men power development in mental health under National Mental Health Programme (NMHP). click here for an extensive report of the department having many new initiatives.


To promote the psychosocial well-being and to provide psychosocial healing to individuals, families and communities.


  • To provide psychosocial service to persons in need, family and community.
  • To offer advanced teaching and training in Psychiatric Social Work.
  • To start a wide range of community-based care and service programmes which includes prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.
  • To develop cost effective psychosocial rehabilitation services
  • To provide specialized psychosocial services for special population like geriatric, child and addicts
  • To undertake project, research and publication in psychiatric social work, mental health, disability and allied areas.
  • To collaborate with Schools of Social Work/Post Graduate Department of Social Work and other Governmental and Non-governmental organizations related to mental health, health, education, welfare and developmental Institutions.
  • To advocate for formulating appropriate policies involving psychiatric social work ingredients for the promotion of mental health, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health problems and psychosocial aspects of health and disability, human right issues in these areas.
  • To develop psychosocial service in various settings e.g. schools, special school, juvenile homes, prisons, family courts.

Training and Man Power Development 

  • Department started Master of Philosophy in Psychiatric Social Work (M. Phil PSW) a 2 years full time course in 2011. Apart from this, department will offer short term training to students and trainees of various courses such as MSW, rehabilitation and nursing professionals etc. We will be organizing various academic programmes time to time.


The Course of M. Phil in Psychiatric Social Work

Department of Psychiatric Social Work is running a professional course; M. Phil in Psychiatric Social Work (M. Phil PSW). It is a full time 2 year course based on hands on skills training. Each student selected for the course shall be posted for training to various units for learning skills related to Mental Health and allied disciplines – psychiatry, psychology, child and adolescent mental health, psychiatric and neurological rehabilitation, family therapy, community mental health, de-addiction and various psychosocial interventions. Each student will be assigned to a consultant under whom the student is expected to carry on Psychiatric Social Work interventions during both the years of training programme. They have to submit of case reports and a dissertation under supervision and guidelines of a supervisor and it will be evaluated by external and internal examiners. The course is affiliated with West-Bengal University of Health Sciences, Kolkata. Annual Intake =16 students,

Contact details 

Department of Psychiatric Social Work
Institute of Psychiatry, 7 D.L. Khan Road,
Kolkata – 700025 West Bengal
Email: psw.dept@iopkolkata.ac.in