Dr. Riyal Das


Name Dr. Riyal Das
Qualification MBBS, MS (Epidemiology, USA)
Designation Assistant Professor
Email ID riyald19@gmail.com
Area of Interest Psychiatric Epidemiology, Child Psychiatry, Preventive Mental Health, Biostatistics


  • Fellowship in Child Psychiatry (USA) 2019
  • Masters in Health Sciences (Psychiatric Epidemiology) 2014- 2016
  • Western Illinois University (USA) GPA- 4.0
  • Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2013


August 2018- present

Head of the Department and Assistant Professor at the dept. of Preventive Psychiatry &Epidemiology for the State Government of West Bengal, India

  • Supervising and conducting research studies onprevention, early detection and advanced treatment methods of neuropsychiatric diseases focusing on pathophysiology, psychopathology and cognitive functions to limit the progression of the mental diseases
  • Professor and lecturer of three courses on Preventive Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology for the postgraduate program in Neuropsychiatric Medicine
  • Serve as a senior health consultant (physician) for providing treatment to patients with mental disorders specializing in psychosis, mood disorders and OCD both in inpatient and outpatient units.
  • Providing clinical training and research guidance to students pursuing masters in Neuropsychiatric medicine, clinical psychology and psychiatric social work at the Institute of Psychiatry-COE, Kolkata
  • Leading psychiatric epidemiological research and guiding fellow epidemiologists in the field of neuroscience and psychiatry research with focus on preventionand eradication of mental illness.
  • Responsible for strategic planning, development and implementation of mental health programs on mental awareness and aid across the country.
  • Member of the board committee of State Health and Welfare department where responsibilities include taking administrative decisions, performing administrative duties in healthcare and also supervise the maintenance of regulatory guidelines.

July 2018- Present

Chief Executive Officer/ Founder at CopeApp Healthcare (India, UK)

  • Founder and CEO of mental health consultation start-up company which provides consultation and therapy by world renowned psychiatrists and skilled mental health professionals
  • Responsible for taking the major corporate decisions, managing overall operations and resources of the company.
  • Active participation in the business development, clinical operations and marketing
  • Responsible for strategic planning, training the employees, quality assurance and also supervising the research studies on behavioral neuroscience.
  • Conduct health consultations, diagnosis and treatment for the patientsand also coordinates group therapy sessions
  • Research Lead for CopeApp Foundation which is a non-profit section of the company which participates in research study on the stressor components which contributes to suicidal thoughts and stress among the adolescent population.

March 2017 – May 2018

Senior Clinical Research Associate at Genentech (Neuroscience and Neuromedicine), USA

  • Active participation in clinical research on the adverse effects of the antidepressants on patients specially focusing on the functioning of the central nervous system
  • Review, extract and enter data from ICSR reports
  • Worked on the team strategic planning to rectify the adverse events caused by the drugs and provide aid to the patients.
  • Support clinical research studies by monitoring product development on GCP, ICH and FDA regulatory guidelines.
  • Provided tenacious follow-up on the patients reported of adverse events
  • Collaborated with FDA, internal and external responses related to technical questions to different regulatory agencies.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the accurate data entry and extraction on standards of clinical trial protocols
  • Performing Medical Writing activities on the assigned project in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Collaborated with product development and product launch.
  • Worked as a Pharmacovigilance coordinator and maintenance of PV documentation
  • Responsible for taking clinical Pharmacovigilance decisions and appropriate submissions to regulatory authorities.
  • Liaison for internal sources, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality control, QMS applications and Clinical Development
  • Responsible for providing assistance and information for inquiries regarding documentation and follow up on safety data issues and confidentiality

September 2016 – April 2017
Clinical Research Associate at Dynosense ,  San Jose, USA

  • Data management, maintenance of documentation based on the clinical research studies and evaluation of the efficacy of medical devices on patient treatment following the regulatory guidelines.
  • Evaluate clinical trial traffic and congestion and determine the potential opportunities of the clinical protocol and enrollment feasibility considering GCP and HDE regulations.
  • Active participation in the regulatory strategic planning team dealing with various regulatory policies and development of strategies based upon regulatory changes for the medical device development and launch.
  • Manage hiring process, including recruitment, interview, and assessment of qualifications/credentials
  • Responsible for providing regulatory input to product lifecycle planning and monitoring product development on regulatory guidelines.
  • Responsible from Quality control, quality assurance, QMS, product development, product labeling and product launch
  • Coordination and dissemination of deliverables to interested parties such as medical products information, and marketing
  • Application of the cGMP Document control systems regarding authoring and revising the documentation.

September 2016 – March 2017

Administrative Director/ Mental health Consultant at Jenny Craig (part time), USA

  • Supervising and coordinating all administrative activities of the San Francisco- San Jose Zone
  • Guiding people to lead a healthy lifestyle, creating health awareness andhelpingpeople to set up long term and short-term goals towards mental health and fitness.
  • Supervising and guiding the health consultants
  • Managing client reports and documentation, sales, marketing and finance
  • Strategic planning for providing better support to people regarding the mental health issues associated witheating disorders and unhealthy lifestyle resulting in Obesity
  • Conducting the hiring process of candidates from selection of candidates to training the new hires.
  • Identifying the health concern and strategic planning to help the individual
  • Supporting and motivating people to fight against the mental health issue and brining positive health behavior change.
  • Also involved in administrative duties of the organization and active participation in organizing health events and campaigns to educate people about health. Expertise and mission lie in the importance of nutrition, prevention of depression and eradication of Obesity.

May2016 – August 2016

Internship at American Red Cross(Mental Health Epidemiologist)

  • As the chief coordinator in Neuropsychiatric Disease Control formental health projects and actively participated in preventive disease services, emergency servicesand safety measures focusing on suicide prevention and mood disorders.
  • Participated in various health campaigns and suicide prevention programs where I conducted qualitative stakeholder interviews; analyzed quantitative and qualitative survey results; Reviewed organizational process and impact data mainly focusing on various common mental health disorders like anxiety. Bipolar disorder, mood disorders in the state of Illinois
  • Presented recommendations to Committee Board for preventive programs against mental health disorders where 5 of them were approved for implementation.



  1. Paper for Publication in process: Metabolic side Effects of antidepressants, and the Increasing Risk to Obesity among subjects of ages 18-50 Years on antidepressant Treatment Regime
  2. Principal Supervisor to Postgraduate trainee’s thesis on:


  1. Supervisor to Postgraduate students on research projects on PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS & OCD.
  2. Principal Investigator in ongoing research projects named –
  3. Long Term Psychological Impact in COVID-19 Positive Patient, 3 to 6 Months after their Recovery
  4. To study the effect of vortioxetine administration in patients suffering from major depressive disorder based upon electrocardiogram.
  5. Serum Magnesium level and Severity of Schizophrenia, Depression,  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : A Cross Sectional Hospital Based Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern India.
  6. Study of Antidepressants and its metabolic effects and its increased risk to Obesity.