Prof. Dr. Sujit Sarkhel


Name Dr. Sujit Sarkhel
Qualification MBBS, DPM, MD (CIP Ranchi)
Designation Professor
Email ID
Area of Interest Suicide, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Child&                           Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

• Reviewer of Journals: BMJ Case Reports , BMC Psychiatry. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, Indian Journal of Dermatology
• Hony. Editor: Bengal Journal of Psychiatry
• Associate Editor: Indian Journal of Psychiatry
• Assistant Editor: Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry
• Editorial Board Member: Open Journal of Psychiatry and Allied Sciences, Annals of Indian Psychiatry
• Thesis Guide and Co guide to many MD, MPhil and MSc Nursing trainees
• Presented a Symposium on “Medico legal Aspects of Attempted Suicide in India” at Annual National Conference of IPS(ANCIPS,2020) held at Kolkata in January,2020

• Presented a topic on “Plagiarism in scientific writing: How to detect and how to avoid” as a part of Workshop on Publication and Presentation conducted by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry at ANCIPS, January,2020 held at Kolkata

• Conducted an Invited ICMR sponsored Workshop on “Treatment & Rehabilitation in Psychoactive Substance Dependence: Multidisciplinary Perspective” at 38th Annual Conference of ISPSW held at CIP, Ranchi in February, 2020

• Delivered a lecture on “Drug induced Movement Disorders” at PG CME for post graduate psychiatry residents held in virtual platform on 4.10.2020

• Delivered a lecture on “Role of Media in Suicide Prevention” as a part of All India CME organized by Suicide Prevention Specialty Section of the Indian Psychiatric Society on 10.9.2020

• Delivered a talk on “ How should Mental Health Professionals Interact with the Media” as a part of World Mental Health Day,2020 Organized by Indian Psychiatric Society, West Bengal State Branch

• Delivered a lecture on “Towards ICD 11” at Mid term CME of Indian Psychiatric Society, Eastern Zonal Branch held in July, 2021

• Delivered a lecture on “Covid 19 and Domestic Violence” as part of Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, West Bengal State Branch in September, 2021

• Written book chapters as follows
— Sarkhel S, Paul I, Mehta V. Sexual Dysfunctions in Psychiatric Disorders. In : IPS Textbook of Sexuality and Sexual Medicine (In Press)

–Co-Editor of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) Textbook -Suicide: Indian Perspectives (In Press)

–Co-Editor of IPS Publication: Different Strokes- Special Issue on Covid 19 (In Press)

• Delivered the prestigious R B Davies Oration as the Best Young Researcher of Eastern Zone at IPS East Zone CME (CEZIPS) held at Bodh Gaya in 2018.
• Transcranial Magnetic stimulation for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: An updated systemic review and Meta-analysis. Trevizol AP, Shiozawa P, Cook IA, Sato IA, Kaku CB, Guimarães FB, Sachdev P, Sarkhel S, Cordeiro Q. J ECT. 2016 Dec;32(4):262-266.

• Trevizol AP, Shiozawa P, Sato IA, Sachdev P, Sarkhel S, et al. (2016) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Anxiety Symptoms: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Abnorm Behav Psychol .2016.2: 108.

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• Probable psychiatric disorder in a rural community of West Bengal, India.
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